Dover Delaware, 2012

On October 6, 2012 in Dover Delaware this blogger was confronted with claims of a lynching, an attempted lynching and a cover up that were not immediately credible ... Here is my weblog as I struggle to place in some kind of order all the information coming in since then. Although the topics in this blog have grown beyond the original case, still ongoing and unsolved to the minds of many, the focus is the same. Equal protection under the law.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Dr. Jahi Issa's false arrest case proceeds in Federal Court.

Doug Beatty
Magnolia, Delaware
29 August 2017
12:09 p.m. EST
For Immediate release:

The legal team of Dr. Jahi Issa is pleased to announce that Dr. Issa’s multi-count complaint in United States Federal Court district of Delaware against Delaware State University will proceed on the counts of false arrest and defamation resulting from Dr. Issa’s March 01 2012 FALSE arrest on the pretense of needing a permit to peaceably assemble with his class for the purpose of attending a public meeting.
In addition several other counts were dismissed without prejudice and may be amended for consideration.
Dr. Issa has been exonerated in criminal court from the false charges the State of Delaware pursued against him for exposing a hate crime in Dover, namely the spreading of racist pamphlets advocating lynching containing racist language and symbols.
Since his arrest he has not even been allowed to clean out his office and retrieve his belongings to include at least 3000 books.
Dr. Issa’s criminal defense team invoked the Dred Scott ruling in his case, a ruling declaring African Americans descended from slaves as 3/5 of a person. That ruling has never been formally overturned.
Dr. Issa had no comment except to say that he was confident that his cause will prevail and a trial will expose many unlawful and unethical acts and practices on the part of the State of Delaware with the result of improving the quality of justice for all Americans.

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