Dover Delaware, 2012

On October 6, 2012 in Dover Delaware this blogger was confronted with claims of a lynching, an attempted lynching and a cover up that were not immediately credible ... Here is my weblog as I struggle to place in some kind of order all the information coming in since then. Although the topics in this blog have grown beyond the original case, still ongoing and unsolved to the minds of many, the focus is the same. Equal protection under the law.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

In Delaware, they shoot Negroes

 I fully admit having plagiarized my paraphrased title from Don Ayotte who in turn took the turn of phrase from the movie "The Great Debaters.  You can read Don's article here. Part two is here.

  I am sad to bring you this follow up on  Vice President Joe Biden's home state. Despite what one generally hears about 'red states' and 'the south' regarding racism, Money Mississippi 1963 ain't got squat on Delaware in 2015.

  Five black men found hanging from 2010 and 2015 in Delaware's central Kent County are all officially 'nothing but tragic suicides'. An attack on one Henry Fordham that was an attempted lynching is officially 'unfounded'. You can read about Henry here and here.

 But enough about tragic suicides and unfounded complaints complete with unfounded corroborating 911 calls and unfounded knife wounds. This post is about shooting.

 Since August 28, 2015 in Delaware two officer involved shootings and one arrest made with a tazer are suggestive of a bias.

 Terrence Fletcher is shot running from Police in Dover on August 28. Jeff Brown reports in the Milford Beacon that the warrant for Fletcher's arrest contains a statement that detectives determined that nobody was in the yard Fletcher ran through where a handgun is found. Initially there is no search for a weapon, officer in background with hands on his head reportedly distraught and apologizing to no one in particular according to newspaper accounts.

    Fletcher allegedly confesses to having the gun and tossing it after he was shot, reportedly tells locals he threw it before he was shot. Warrant is apparently based on false probable cause, so even if confession is genuine ( highly unlikely, a relative states Fletcher was facing 'three strikes') it could all get thrown out. Does this video taken before yard was searched immediately after shooting look like a preserved crime scene with nobody present?

 Then we have the tragedy of September 23 in Wilmington Delaware where Police shoot and kill a wheel chair bound man. Jeremy 'Bam' McDole, age 28 and said to have been paralyzed and wheelchair bound for 10 years.  This video is hard to watch and self explanatory. "Give me your hands Show me your hands"/BANG!! less than a second to comply, subject isn't even looking at officer with shotgun, officer 'in fear of his life' takes fifteen seconds to even chamber another round. Three cops make no attempt to use less than lethal force, how are three men with guns drawn in fear of a wounded paralyzed wheelchair bound man with no visible weapon?  Link is to a plethora of news reports on incident.

  So given the above two examples one would think a person who discharged a semi automatic military pattern rifle, threatened police, and his family, caused a standoff and refused to put his weapon down would be shot, right? Wrong.  Mr. Kemp is not a black man, he's white. This incident happened after the shooting of Fletcher and before the killing of McDole.

"When officers arrived at the location, Mr. Kemp allegedly ran from the road into his house while firing a gun into the air.
Delaware State Police troopers, as well as a Dover Police Department K9 unit and a state police helicopter, arrived on the scene and closed Kitts Hummock Road. Police attempted to negotiate with Mr. Kemp, but he refused to surrender when troopers spotted him among bushes and tree behind his house around 5:30, Master Cpl. Fournier said.
After further discussion, Mr. Kemp dropped his firearm but did not lie on the ground, leading to police stunning him with a Taser, authorities said."

In Delaware, they shoot Negroes. 


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Puppies, Putzes, and Power. Is it Kent County Levy Court or Kent Kounty Levy Kourt?

 Myself and fellow activist Cathy Samardza enjoying a happy moment before getting to work. Work we don't get paid for, work we get ridiculed and even threatened for.

 Cathy, myself, Carol Furr and many others have been very vocal in trying to get accountability for our local animal control/dog control contractor. The night this picture was taken, we were about to make comments at a meeting of the Kent County Levy Court pursuant to Chester County SPCA being an interim dog control agency between FSAC/KCSPCA quitting on September 15 and the state taking over on December 31.

    Your respondent has been active on the issue of citizen's rights being violated by the dog catcher for a good three years, Cathy and others longer than that. So it's good to see them on the way out.. sort of.

  Now Kent County Levy Court has decided to swear in four former FSAC/KCSPCA officers to work for Chester County SPCA in this 'interim'. One of them being 'officer' Sandy Galloway. Highlights, had children removed from a home with a false complaint to Child Protective Services, was the person who obtained the warrant that led to her organization being nullified by statute. Bad actor.

  Commissioner Sweeney stated that he hadn't done his political career any favors by standing up to the previous contractor. Refreshing candor but still a troubling statement on many levels. Our servants are supposed to serve, not worry about political fortunes, that such a statement needs to be made is a problem. Not Commissioner Sweeney's problem alone either.

  A senior officer from FSAC hired by CCSPCA said that ACOs' weren't allowed to cite for dog at large without seeing the offense or a witness ( bullshit, it's not a probable cause misdemeanor to the best of my knowledge and super cop should know that... ) Then Sherene Lindo spoke. Awkward, she is selling her house and Delaware is going to lose a highly educated nurse, paralegal, veteran and decent American behind being arrested not once but twice on bullshit charges with no witness and no probable cause.

  At the end of the day, it is business as usual at Kent County Levy Court, Given the abuse of African Americans like Sherene Lindo, Dr. Jahi Issa, and paralegal EShed Alston, at the hands of the former Dog Control Officer coupled with the aftermath of the Le Mar Gunn election scandal, should we change the name to Kent Kounty Levy Kourt?

  Fair question, or over the top? Depends on your vantage point I reckon.