Dover Delaware, 2012

On October 6, 2012 in Dover Delaware this blogger was confronted with claims of a lynching, an attempted lynching and a cover up that were not immediately credible ... Here is my weblog as I struggle to place in some kind of order all the information coming in since then. Although the topics in this blog have grown beyond the original case, still ongoing and unsolved to the minds of many, the focus is the same. Equal protection under the law.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Conspiracy Theory what do we know, when did we know it, how do we know it?

  We don't. While not meaning insult or injury to anything ever or any pastafarian specifically particularly the students of Dawkins et al, It is above my paygrade to know everything, I have been off of medication some time now. Lately insulin and am feeling well.

   I pray to my imaginary sky buddy and the Jew xombiez teaches me to pray to one God, ignore the face of man but God's judgment, to listen to imaginary voiced that occur in the absence of enough television, booze, marijuana, and or over the counter or rx drugs.

From fratboys fatboys or thugs most of America is some kind of drug. Doug has too much caffiene and nicotene[sic] the sic means I know I lost the word with an error but I like what I heard when I read it back.

  This is a blog not an attack everything stands forever on the internet there is no privacy and everything you ever did can be your own piracy.

   There is no big conspiracy, not because I said so but because the almighty director of "Shooter" said the producers and the story line said so and it was agreed upon and maybe even pee'd upon by a group who couldn't rap with my butt if all I had to spit was alphabet soup I'd still win that dis because even holly wolly world can't touch this.

  I don't even have to write i can bite and don't needs the skills of Mr. Wright ( RIP ) because I'm white and erbody thinks it is cute due to lamestream media all up in the collective metaphorical dookey chute.

  Spinning truth is like trying to hit on Dr. Ruth. You need mad game because your song is always the same somebody done somebody wrong and now it's old and lame.

 The old the weak and the sick at the mercy of almost everyone who is young strong and well if you are an individual the mob is sheer hell. No son, a great man named Aaron a Cohanic son with God in his heart and love for all under the blanket of the Lord he was a man of peace that kept a sword and kept his word. Left this world in peace and only clues to our bond released. I'll see the old man on that far shore if God takes me there as his ward.

  To reason why is not mine only to say Yes Lord God and if faint of heart ask my self why not? Are we owed anything by any one? Not no never but we are far from done a day is given a task presents you listen to the little voice and try to mend a fence.

  There is nothing I can but talk to you and leave tracks in the snow. I'm just a guy reading the internet in a trailer and this is all I know, the sky is not falling there is no big conspiracy. Speaking truth to power can get you home before dark even if you are found with clean hands in a park. I know the men who do the work their day begins when somebody else's day ends.

  I can't expect the world to stop when my time is here to account for the gift. The gift of life comes with a contract you can't get out no matter how you walk it back. I give thanks to God because I have never where Angels trod. I don't know the way but I will light a single candle of faith before cursing the darkness which is also given for our sake. To not give thanks feels like a mistake and to not repent seems a desire to prove no restraint but nobody says you can declare yourself a saint.

  I am no one from nowhere and derided before the movie. I was called master Beatty not slim shady and in the Navy I could cook on fire so they called me Chef Master Beatty but not around 'real navy' because it was liberty and camping and we didn't give a fit whether or not they heard our shit.

 Just kids in a park drinking Ball Park tequila from the px in the dark. We swam in a muddy river because we were damn fools The Mississippi is not full of oysters or jewels save rubes who never learn the rules.

 Only a bard and never work that hard. Nobody is watching me, there is no conspiracy, nobody is making you go to war until they do. Walk away look away it has nothing to do with dixie. You can lie to yourself and self indentify as a pixie the rules say you can by some some say click and Amen or the world will end.

 I don't know any secrets of life only what passes for my mind and when the message is right. In the beginning was The Word. Might be better if everyday that was the last thing we heard with humility in our souls begging forgiveness and living the best way we can.With light and love to receive the same, everything else is just man's game.

  I'll stick to my invisible Sky Buddy, we're good.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I stand with President Barack H. Obama.

Dreams from our Fathers and our Father

Without apology to anyone. Save to President Obama whose book title I have shamelessly imitated in the most sincere form of flattery.

#douggiestyle since 2012. 


  Our nation is divided, some say President Obama has caused this. Some say it's a bad thing. Agree and disagree respectively. It takes two to tango. If President Obama was simply spouting infalmmatory nonsense the appropriate remedy would be to respond with reason, break it down until it resonates emotionally.  

   To quote an article about a campaign manager/spin wonk/I can't remember his name or the candidates name: "adept at aiming for the heart and going for the throat" would be the proper way to respond. With a Falstaffian appetite...

    That's not what we have.

  Some are upset with 'hypocrisy" and I have to confess I was once in that herd. Ranger Rick on WKCW taught me to "always drink upstream of the herd" I stand corrected. The President isn't all powerful and even presidents writ large have limits. If anyone thinks a president can take down the system they need to reflect on history. Does anybody remember another young Democrat President named John F. Kennedy?

We are now at a posture where an elected Sheriff and others to include Joe Walsh alleged patriot are talking about  'war' and mentioning my President. No matter how I personally feel about the policies and some statements made by President Obama and or the First Lady of the United States, he is my commander in chief, I did take an oath, I meant it. Please do not question my commitment to my oath because I don't wear a three percent patch and walk around with an AR15 ranting about resisting tyranny.

In some circles such an assumption would be considered a complete, total and catastrophic failure of the victim selection process if any person challenges my patriotism on that point or my commitment to my oath of office.

I am in fact a big bellied patriot loon living in a place where God Bless America, i can walk around with my open carry tool used to measure the patriotism of others proudly displayed. I refrain from such nonsensical displays. I don't even own any semi-automatic arms, and I don't consider myself less of a man because of that. Others have the right to their opinions.

President Obama and I have a lot in common. We were born days apart in the summer of 1961, twelve days to be exact so President Obama is also my elder. 
We are both from broken homes and both were raised by liberals. We both lost our mothers to the same terrible disease. We both have fathers that are apparently fond of women and many women apparently had reciprocal feelings. We are both well accustomed to being in the ethnic minority and we both know what it feels like to be bullied due to circumstances we had no control over.
I can disagree with the man, I can strenuously object to policies and statements. I cannot hate this man and I refuse to deride his impeccable taste and judgment in selection of a life partner. Michelle Obama is a beautiful woman and even when I disagree with the First Lady I get it.

The attacks on the First Lady are beyond the pale just as it was when I quit listening to any thing Limbaugh had to say after he called Chelsea Clinton a dog when she was a girl. I know exactly what that feels like.

I never listened to Rush again until I was afternoon the drive broadcasting" 'bot " at WGMD Rehoboth Beach,  Fox affiliate. I had to because Walt Palmer the engineer for Resorts Broadcasting LLC has limits on what he can do with technology. So I had to sit at the board during Rush most days.  Was that an Eighth Amendment violation?

Tonight I am going to talk about Real Americans, Patriotism, 9 Principles and 12 Values, media, and I'm naming names and standing accountable for every word. 

Because President Obama and Doug Beatty are brothers under the skin, children of the same God. Amen.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Dreams of Deliverance for my people.

 Honoring an unsung hero in the struggle for humanity and decency. Brother Ellsworth Jonson-Bey of Batimore Maryland, founder of the Fraternity of Ex Offenders ( FOXO ), my elder, my mentor, my better.

  Father God if it be thy will, let me be the man that Brother Bey taught us all to be.  Amen.

  Right now things look bad. #blacklivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter collide at a junction in time that has historical precedent. All blood splatters, and we need to take a breath and reflect. All killing of innocent people is wrong. Brother Bey could site the scriptures in the Holy Books.

  I met Brother Bey at the March on Dover on Doctor King's birthday in 2013. He immediately introduced himself to me and made me feel welcome. We maintained a friendship and made history in talk radio.

  Brother Bey and I simulcast in Baltimore and Sussex County Delaware. Brother Bey was a strict mentor and loving father figure to me in those years. He taught me many important lessons.

    Everbody wants to reach for the fruit but nobody wants to dig up the root.
    A statement with many meanings.

    Everybody wants to hype on the mic and talk for a minute with sixty seconds
    in it.
    Self explanatory.

    Listen to what people say, but watch what they do.
    Words to live by.

  The man never hesitated to break it down, and hold me accountable for my words, like any loving father would. The fact that his background may have suggested to some simple minds a bias against 'white' people is telling beyond description, but I'm going to give that a shot.

  What happened is tragic, not to be callous it's not important what the details where in Wednesday's killing, Thursday's killing, and the horrific massacre today. Any killing of people is wrong unless it is to prevent greater harm.

  The problem is we have arrived at a position in our social dialogue were confirmation bias can upset everybody on both 'sides' with the same story and details and if it won't we have spin and media control.

  A passionate defender of the second amendment for years, that's not important to me right now. I am not going to fight anybody over 'confiscation' or 'registration' when we can't even use our first Amendment.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Dear Mr. Vice President

From: Smith, Nathaniel M.
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 5:35 PM
To: Smith, Nathaniel M.
Cc: Maroney, Jill P
Subject: re: Meyer Persow

Mr. Beatty,
This correspondence is being sent to inform you our office (OPM/OIG/Office of Investigations) is currently reviewing your complaint.  If you are able, please provide a current address and phone number where you can be contacted.  We look forward to speaking with you during the course of this investigative inquiry.
Thank you for your cooperation.

   I'm asking politely once more please remove yourself and my father from this discussion by publicly apologizing to a man who was brave enough to bring male on male sexual assault into the national lexicon. Many victims do not come forward due to fear of ridicule I'm assuming an innocent error not referenced in the progression of the discussion above.
  I am asking you to affirm that by apologizing to an 79 year old actor and American Icon on the occasion of his 78th Independence Day.

  I am also going to assume that your remarks to abuse victims which included allusions to rape by Sheriff's was not aimed at myself and associates and had nothing to do with my debut on talk radio. Please affirm having made an error in judgment  My father, as you can imagine feels horrible for the abuse and harassment I have endured along with him over the last four decades. Please give the gift of kindness to an old man and say the words.

  Thank you for your consideration. I remain:

At your service,

Douglas Wade Beatty
Magnolia, Delaware