Dover Delaware, 2012

On October 6, 2012 in Dover Delaware this blogger was confronted with claims of a lynching, an attempted lynching and a cover up that were not immediately credible ... Here is my weblog as I struggle to place in some kind of order all the information coming in since then. Although the topics in this blog have grown beyond the original case, still ongoing and unsolved to the minds of many, the focus is the same. Equal protection under the law.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blacks In Delaware Experience Nightmares

 B.I.D.E.N.. Name or acronym? Yes. Joe Biden is the Vice President of the United States and his home state of Delaware is the one the civil rights movement missed.  Black men hanging from trees in this state are always 'suicides'.

     Within very recent memory, two arrests of non-violent, non-criminal, African American intellectuals has driven home this point, as if the five hanging 'suicides' of five African American men in Delaware's central Kent County failed to impress such on the conscious.

  In 2012 Jahi Issa was arrested for being black at a black college where he worked. After more than two years he was finally tried for the lone count of resisting arrest, which ended in a hung jury. The state rolled the dice again and finally the judge said 'no mas' and dismissed with prejudice.

  In 2014 we had an election and Lamar Gunn won recorder of the deeds. He won at least two more counts, they finally counted the 'right way' and ended the process. The election was invalidated by a court ( appointed judges here ) and the governor, Happy Jack Markell, appointed the defeated incumbent.

  Significant to note that Gunn is a black man who insists that there is fraud in the recorder of deeds office and who won a lawsuit along those grounds.

  Enter Chris King, an attorney, journalist, and activist. Mr. King went to the Kent County building to film the recorder of deeds office and was arrested.

  Mr. King would have settled his resulting lawsuit for peanuts. but as usual our self and citizen sodomizing cretins that pass for public servants weren't having that. A trial judge that uses clever synonyms for racial slurs and ignores case law. Complicit police, witness tampering, classic racketeering.

  Now Mr. King's civil suit must do the Delaware Judicial dance o' death so we can get to Federal Court. Again, a black man thinks the Constitution of the United States applies to him in Joe Biden's state. Again, it's going to cost a lot of money, again, the very fabric of our society is offended. Again, Joe Biden is still thinking about that one scene in "Deliverance".

Chris King's motion to recuse the judge pretty much sums it all up. The judge derided him personally and ignored case law. Why is nobody in Delaware surprised? Because we know Joe!

   Don't doubt one thing, Joe knows what back in chains means, that's how Joe keeps his negroes in line!

 The specifics of case law and the specific unprofessional conduct in THIS CASE on THIS SPECIFIC MATTER can be seen along with the entire motion to recuse the judge here.

Meanwhile as the Motion shows, every other State or Federal Court in the Country allows journalist video of public officials in lobby or public meeting areas, but not Kent County Delaware, and definitely not for a negro.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Open Letter to Colonel Allen West

I started this a few years ago to keep track ofs  events as myself and one Dr. Jahi Issa embarked on a journey to bring equal protection under the law to Delaware.

  Now with Baltimore, Ferguson, Charlotte and new protests here in Delaware I feel compelled to write. The divisiveness over Baltimore is sickening and deafening.

  We look to our leaders and they keep us at each other's throats so they can easier rape us. One prominent figure is the focus of my angst at the moment. One Colonel Allen West, one each.

  Colonel West is a republican and is popular. If he says something stupid white republicans feel shielded from charges of racism by saying "Well, I got this from a black guy.."

  His blog post "Hey Baltimore Thugs" and a meme or two from his website are horrific.

 I would like to take this opportunity to respond to Colonel West with an open letter, and would welcome any response.

 Hey Colonel West!

  With all due respect, Sir, that's the best I can do after your blanket statement on the #BaltimoreUprising. As a veteran I feel cognitive dissonance. You are my better, an officer, a formidable specimen, yet it is my sworn duty to call you out right here and now.

   Note I do not mince words or use code. You Sir are a statist piece of offal and your post denotes serious problems with your character. Nobody is condoning riots, merely pointing out that your deflection from the issues at hand is an offense to the flag I served under and the oath I took. Can't speak for your sense of duty.

  Do you think Freddie Gray has lost his liberty?  Malcom Shabazz? Fred Hampton? What should people  do when peaceful protests are ignored by vacant hollow heads  pointing to a minority of Baltimoreans and calling them thugs?


My friend Jay Stratton was killed in 2006 and the Delaware State Police aren't trying to close the case. Want to tell him what a great place this is? I don't know how you will do that but here he is, come ahead-

  You could tell his daughters or widow, better hurry one of his daughters never got over losing him and is gravely ill.  If you knew what cases get attention and which don't you MIGHT change your tune. Maybe you do know and you are simply a person of low moral character.

 Is that it Sir? You are schilling for your own gain? Pandering?

  I am impressed by the military people you mentioned in your article. I once took on a volunteer assignment at some risk and personal cost.

 Your meme about Blacks Rioting and how it can't be racism is as ridiculous as that pic of you in some kind of wanna be biker cut calling an entire city 'thugs' and 'rascals'.

   I know you can read, do so. Blacks have been part of oppression of other blacks since the first slaves arrived on these shores. DUH. Are you that stupid or are you obtuse?

  What is mostly happening in Baltimore is a people trying to find a better way. To ignore that is to cheer for more oppression, more national guard on the streets and bigger government and makes you a hypocrite.

   You Sir, have just been given a lesson by me personally. Whether or not you heed it is on you. Any heartburn I'm easy to find. Feel free to attempt a flying fornication on a motivated pastry and have a nice day. That goes for the confused horse you rode in on and especially the false flag you ride under.


Doublebad Douglas Wade Beatty
Public Citizen
Magnolia, Delaware.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

They're back

  This blog has been dormant for a while. I did make the cases of Johnny Clark, Charles Conley, and Henry Fordham more widely known. Reaction for the city of Dover has been minimal, but by sheer coincidence the chief of police and mayor have both resigned....

  This morning I received the phone call nobody wants to get. Another recent death of a person, and imagine my shock at learning that the family disputes the 'official' version in the strongest terms.

 It is with a heavy heart that I bring this blog back to active status. The strange saga of Dover Delaware's Strange Fruit Continues

  Again I will be attacked for being a 'traitor to my own people', called a 'ni***r lover', probably get another one or few of those late night phone calls.

  Though the Heavens may fall, let justice be done

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Trouble at San Jose University

  Gregory Johnson Jr. was killed at San Jose State University in 2008 in an apparent lynching that is officially a 'suicide'. Now we have received a report of an attempted lynching of a 17 year old student at SJSU, complete with an apparent cover up.

  On the Doug Beatty Show, listen live at 9:00 p.m. EST on 11/23/2013 or listen to the podcast later with this link:

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Screw the homeless!

 This is something a little off topic for this blog, to me it speaks to how we treat each other. For five or six years a group of churches has gotten together in Raleigh North Carolina to provide without cost or obligation a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich every Saturday and Sunday to the homeless.

 Yesterday the cops showed up and threatened to arrest them if they gave coffee and sandwiches to the homeless. Apparently a heinous offense. Can't describe how angry this makes me. Observe this #BUTTPLUG enjoying his coffee whilst telling the nice church ladies and gentleman how he will arrest them if they extend that same kindness to the homeless. Words honestly fail me.

 The post from Love Wins Ministries can be found here -

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bulll Conner Lives On in Camden Delaware

I haven't blogged for a while. At times it just gets a bit overwhelming to even think about the level of institutional racism, corruption and white supremacy here in our current Vice Presidents home state.

   On Monday July 8, 2013 my friends and colleagues, Dr. Jahi Issa and Mr. EShed Alston tried to attend a public board of trustees meeting at the Kent County SPCA. The meeting is open to the public because the Kent County SPCA has law enforcement powers as well as receiving and disbursing public monies.

   They arrived a few minutes late having come from another public meeting. The front door was locked, they tried to enter through a side door . Long story short, two white employees threatened them with a lactating pit bull and abusive language and obscene gestures. Police were called.

  Camden Delaware Police Department Corporal Whitney responded after 47 minutes as the employees in question were leaving. Cpl. Whitney refused to take a report of the complaint and yelled at Dr. Issa while reaching for his tazer causing Dr. Issa to fear for his safety. Myself and three other witnesses all agree that Dr. Issa did nothing to warrant this kind of abuse.

 The next board meeting of the Kent County SPCA was on August 11, 2013 ( second Monday of every month. For some reason, the town of Camden Delaware deemed it a good idea to have an ill mannered and unprofessional officer present to intimidate members of the public attending the meeting.

  Some of us had been illegally banned from the July meeting under threat of arrest for trespassing. The police officer glared at us while we were personally called by name and insulted by Kevin Usilton and a board member known only to me as Ricky. Ricky is a large man, and I hope his parents are no longer with us.
  I would return my son to the factory if he ever disrespected a lady like this punk Ricky did, calling my friend Cathy stupid when she was not allowed to speak. We had to sit there and take the insults along with the threatening glare of the unprofessional cop.

  Here is a picture of this cop standing a bit close to my friend Sherene Lindo. The man was playing with a snap on his magazine pouch and looking either down her dress or trying to see what was on her phone. I have fired security guards with more sense. Sherene was the only black person on the property.

  The cop pictured here stood with his back to an open door in order to glare at us and crowd Sherene. His parent should be proud, they have apparently raised a class A peckerwood. Good job mom and dad

  The rest of this group which mandated police presence? Two teachers, one retired, a dance teacher/executive secretary and a reporter for a local paper. 

Yet Kent County Levy Court is posed to give dog control back to this group with the current Executive Director and board. Not having it. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Wrinkle #spcathree

  One of the cases that I have been studying involves what appears to be harassment of a neighbor by another based on skin color/ethnicity. Agents of the Kent County SPCA have been somewhat involved in this matter, one neighbor shot another's neighbor's dog and KCSPCA handled the animal cruelty investigation. The alleged shooter was charged with felony animal cruelty.

  Prior to that the dog owner was arrested on charges of dog at large by Kent County SPCA. Said dog owner and activist Cathy Samardza both saying that said dog was never found at large by Kent County SPCA.

 Cathy Samardza, Carol Furr, and myself have been served with a letter from KCSPCA informing us that we will be arrested for trespassing if we attempt to attend public board meetings that are subject to open meeting requirements by the Delaware Freedom of Information Act. Not having it.

  I have asked Deputy Attorney General Jason Staib for an opinion concerning FOIA compliance. In the meantime the next meeting is July 8, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. @ 32 Shelter Drive, Camden Delaware.

  My friend and colleague EShed Alston has indicated that he will attend in my place to take notes and observe the public board of trustees meeting. Here is his blogtalkradio show.